Disposable Wet Wipes Discontinuation – Official Announcement

Easia Travel’s Action

Wet wipes, much like plastic bottles and other plastic-based travel conveniences, are a common sight on tours throughout Southeast Asia, an unfortunate circumstance, given their detrimental effect on environments.

In the past, we have catered to travelers’ requests for wet wipes on the simple principle of aiming to meet their needs and wishes wherever possible. While this is still our main objective, we have decided, for the sake of the environment and the people living in our destinations, to remove the option of wet wipe usage in our programs. We would, therefore, like to inform you all that we will no longer distribute wet wipes or single-use wet tissues during tours from 1 January 2020, onward.

We are looking towards driving greater sustainable action in our five destinations, and we believe that we need to take full responsibility in reducing the environmental impact of tourism. This is one small step towards a better future for travel.

The decision will not affect the quality of the services provided on-spot. Guides and drivers have been carefully trained to give explanations to travelers on your behalf. There will also be no variances in the quotations since we have never charged additional costs for the wet wipes.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at sustai[email protected]. We will be more than happy to assist.

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