Easia’s Bright and Green Future: A chat with Nadi, Easia’s New Head of Sustainability

 “I am helping to guarantee that our company upholds environmental standards and takes steps towards a greener future. I always identify the issues quickly and find the most economical and efficient ways to fix them.”

It is our great pleasure to introduce Nadi, our new Head of Sustainability at Easia Travel. Nadi’s work is indispensable for upholding sustainable development standards and promoting an ethical working culture for Easia Travel and our companions.

Her responsibilities span not just our five destinations, but globally, throughout our network of travel experts and partners. 2019 is a year of rapid growth for sustainability initiatives, and Nadi is in charge of coordinating a variety of projects, ideas, and strategies within the company with the guidance of the Board of Management.

This is no small task; Nadi ensures that at every level, Easia Travel is connecting with people and our human values by promoting CBT (community-based tourism) activities; encouraging individuals to develop services or programs that create positive impacts.

So often, people say one person can’t make a difference, but Nadi disagrees when it comes to some basic actions we can all take:

“Bring your own bottle to refill and try to travel with ZERO bottle waste for the entire trip. If all travelers do the same, we can really save the world from landfilling by plastic bottles!”

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