Cambodia – Koh Kong – Cardamom Mountains Discovery 3d2n

Discovery experience in the Cardamom mountains, one of the largest remaining rainforests in Southeast Asia, which is home to an impressive array of nature and wildlife.


Art & Culture, Cruise & River Cruise, Family, Sustainable

Country - City

Cambodia - Koh Kong

Level of difficulties


Price level



Best period from November till end of May

Max number of person(s)


Market segment

Thematic Leisure

Arrival City

Koh Kong

Departure city

Koh Kong

Number day and night

3 Days - 2 nights

Day by day description

This three-day, two-night module allows travelers to discover the Cardamom mountains more leisurely, including a sunrise bird-watching activity, boat tours along the river, and sleeping in a local homestay or bungalow, part of a community-based tourism project.

This itinerary is a collaboration between Easia and the Chi Phat Community-Based Ecotourism (CBET) Project to support the community by providing additional income to the villagers to stop poaching and deforestation in the area. The Chi Phat CBET Project began in 2007, supported by the Wildlife Alliance, which helped and educated the community and villagers to make a living from tourism instead of poaching, cut, cutting down, and selling trees. This project has considerably helped to conserve parts of the Cardamom rainforest.

The main highlights of the module are the scenic boat journey along the river, where you can enjoy the sunrise and bird watching. During the sunrise boat tour, travelers can admire the forest waking up as they try to spot some of the incredible birds and animals that live here. Travelers will participate in some gentle hiking around the community with an expert Easia Active guide complemented by knowledgeable local guides. Together, they will explore the area, visiting the local villages & waterfalls while learning about the culture and traditions of this community. There are two possible accommodations to select from in the experience: overnight in the local homestay or a wooden bungalow (both managed by the community), and the chance to enjoy typical food cooked by local villagers at the community center.

This module is a perfect experience for travelers who love nature and want to stay in a peaceful location away from the main tourist destinations and have a positive impact on the local community.

Selling points

  • Experience an overnight stay in the Cardamom Mountains, one of the largest rainforests in Southeast Asia, with an exceptional immersion into nature
  • Discover and learn more about the wildlife and birds in the rainforest and the importance of Chi Phat Ecotourism, a nature conservation project. 
  • Enjoy a boat sunrise trip by cruising a small river surrounded by forest
  • Get the chance to spot rare and endangered birds nearby along the river during the boat tour.
  • Experience overnight local home-stay or wooden bungalow, surrounded by incredible nature 
  • Support the local community and the Chi Phat Community-Based Ecotourism Project.


  • Extension with other hiking and cycling modules in Cambodia
  • Extension with trekking module in Areng community  
  • Extension overnight in the Cambodia Islands

Selling points

  • Collaboration between Easia Active & Chi Phat Community – Easia Active expert guide + local villager
  • Perfect destination and module for bird- and nature-loving travelers and sustainable tourism with a mix of contact with nature, wildlife & the local community
  • It is possible to experience different types of basic accommodation, like a homestay or bungalow in the village.
  • Cross the conservation wildlife forest along 30 kilometers of jungle and local village trails. 
  • We were suggested to sell to FIT or small GIT 10 pax – max 16 pax. 


  • Easia Active expert guidelocal ranger, and porters following the group 
  • Chi Phat CBET is a stable and organized community that has been running since 2007
  • Local homestay/bungalows are well prepared, clean, and tidy with simple local toilet
  • Two types of accommodation in the village, as well as various homestays and bungalows, are available. The bungalow is entirely new
  • Exploration and contact with nature


  • Basic shared toilets, no shower, and no hot water at home-stay 
  • Limited choice of restaurants – only local food 
  • Limited choice of guide languages – almost only French and English speaking guides available, a limited number of Italian or German speaking (please consult Operation before confirming the product) 
  • There is not much wildlife to see along the trails, just a few monkeys and birds, insects 
  • The trail could be muddy and slippery in some areas after rain 
  • Hostile environment – mosquitoes, insects, and leeches, possible to encounter snakes and spiders along the trail


How to get there:

  • Transfer from Phnom Penh to Chi Pat boat pier – classic
  • Transfer from Thai border Cham Yeam border to Chi Pat boat pier
  • Transfer from Sihanoukville to Chi Pat boat pier


Phnom PenhAndong Turk193 kmMini-van5 hoursGood
Andong TurkChiphat CBET (vice versa)25 kmLocal boat1 hour 30 mmNice view
Andong TurkChipat CBET (vice versa)25 kmby road (accessible by mota taxi)30 minutesNice view
Angong TurkPhnom Penh193 kmMinivan5 hoursGood


SihanoukvilleAndong Turk135 kmMini-van2h 30minGood
Andong TurkChi Phat CBET25 kmLocal boat1 hour 30mmNice view
Chi Phat CBETAndong Turk25 kmlocal boat1 hour 30mmAndong TurkChipat CBET (vice versa)25 kmby road (accessible by mota taxi)30 minutes
Angong TurkSihanoukville135 kmMini-van2h 30minGood


Cham Yeam borderAndong Turk110 KmMini-van2 hoursGood
Andong TurkChi Phat CBET25 kmLocal boat1 hour 30mmNice view
Chi Phat CBETAndong TurkChipat CBET (vice versa)25 kmby road (accessible by mota taxi)30 minutes
Angong TurkCham Yeam border110 kmMini-van2 hoursGood





  • Understand the client and guests’ needs and expectations before proposing an itinerary 
  • Request information from clients and fill in the Information Active Participants File: Name and surname, hiking level, any specific allergies or dietary restrictions, insurance details


  • Suggested to sell to FIT and small GIT 10 pax – max 20 pax
  • Easia Active guide + local ranger and forest cook escort the group (depending on the group size
    • 1-5 pax: Easia Guide + Local Guide
    • 6 to 10 pax: Easia Guide + Local Guide
    • 11 to 15 pax: Easia Guide + Local Guide
    • 16 to 20 pax: Easia Guide + Local Guide
  • Emergency vehicle available during the tour – motorbike /boat taxi able to access everywhere  
    • Day 1: Arrival, late lunch at the community center, leisurely walk around the village – overnight homestay or Bungalow, possible to take the bicycle or kayak (no extra charge), dinner at the community center.
    • Day 2:Departure at 5h30am, picnic breakfast on boat + birds watching at the small river, lunch and dinner (2 dishes + fruits + water) will be prepared by the community  with an overnight in homestay/ bungalow – please inform if travelers have any specific dietary requirements.
    • Day 3: Breakfast, check out, departure 10h00, boat journey back


  • Other hiking or cycling modules in Cambodia and Southeast Asia
  • Extension in Cambodia Island
  • Combination or extension to Thailand, crossing the land border, Koh Chang island


  • Military waterproof bag to carry your equipment
  • Accommodation in the community (Bungalow/homestay)
  • Water per day + food (no snacks)


  • During the tour, the big luggage will be kept at the Chi Phat community center /Bungalow
  • Optional small backpack to carry water and camera during the tour
  • Trekking shoes, long trekking pants, rain jacket, long socks, sun protection, hut, mosquito repellent, reusable water bottles, swimsuits in case traveler wants to swim in the waterfall or river, and a towel.
  • Toilet amenities, shampoo, towel, toothpaste, toothbrush


  • Accommodation- Homestay/Bungalow – have a private double bedroom, with a shared toilet for homestay outside the house & for a bungalow with a private toilet inside bungalow  (basic toilet, shower as traditional Cambodian style)
  • 2 Bungalow – double and twin room with private toilet – western toilet with shower and WC (no hot water
  • Restaurant at the Chi Phat CBET center


  • From November to the end of May is the perfect time with pleasant temperatures and beautiful landscapes.
  • To avoid from June July possible but high risk of rain and the trail is muddy.
  • To avoid from August to October during the rainy season



Market suggestion















Number of PAX


Important notes


Important note 

MAP OF THE MODULE 3D/2N – IN CHI PHAT Please do not share with clients  

Day 1: Phnom Penh – Chi Phat community – Overnight homestay or bungalow  

  • Early morning transfer from Phnom Penh is very important – leave latest at 07:30 
  • Starting point at Chi Phat boat pier and meet the local community boat driver 
  • For lunch – depending on the client, suggested to have late lunch at the community, stop along the way to buy coffe and snacks
  • Arrival at community around 13h30 / 14:00 
  • Arrival at the Chi Phat CBET center – introduction
  • Late Lunch at the community, around 14:20 – lunch prepared by the community 
  • Explanation of the project
  • Check in homestay or bungalow
  • After lunch there are some options – free time with our guide 
    • Option 1–> Check in at homestay and relax till dinner time
    • Option 2 –> Walking or cycling around the community or walk to the waterfall around 3 kilometers from the community center – bicycle and kayak are not included on the price, so travelers must pay by themselves  
  • In the evening guests can enjoy a refreshment, and listen to a briefing about the community projects by local staff 
  • Dinner planned around 19:00 at the Chi Phat CBET
  • Overnight at homestay or bungalow  

Day 2: Sunrise and bird watching on the boat – Overnight in homestay/bungalow 

  • Leave the home-stay or bungalow early, meeting point at the Chi Phat CBET center at 05:30
  • Breakfast box to be enjoyed on the long-tail boat  
  • Boat journey around 45 minutes – bird-watching along the river 
  • Stop boat relax and enjoy with nature -possible to swim  before back to the community 
  • Lunch prepare at community 
  • Arrival at the community around 1:30 pm & relax
  • After lunch possible to experience around the community
    • Cycling around the community to the waterfall or sunset visit
    • Kayaking activities along the river nearby the community
  • 18h30 Dinner prepared by community or home-stay, bungalow owner
  • Overnight home-stay, bungalow 

Day 3- Chi Phat Departure  

  • Check out
  • breakfast at the community center
  • 10h00 departure from Chi Phat community  


  • Contact the community supplier in Chi Phat
  • Be sure to book very knowledgeable and passionate local guide
  • Boat transportation, meals, accommodation, equipment, permits are included in the package
  • check and Inform the community about the type of package and type of accommodation (we need to have the number of the homestay or bungalow if possible)
  • Accommodation: suggested bungalow – please specify the name
  • Inform the Chi Phat CBET if the travelers have any specific allergy or dietary requirements 
  • In case you select the bungalow option double-check with the owner of the bungalow


  • Use regular transportation supplier 
  • Provide the guide with the number of the community supplier and motorbike taxi, emergency numbers


  • Use Active Guide Database and contact Active team before booking a guide 
  • Always remember to give the ACTIVE First Aid Kit + mosquito repellent to the guide 
  • Clearly explain to the guides the client’s profile and the guests’ expectations 
  • Guide must be prepared to explain the flora and fauna of the area 
  • Experience local life and Cambodian traditions 
  • Guide must have knowledge of the area and how to deal with a group during an overnight trek


  • Guide must have First aid training
  • Have to study the tour very thoroughly with Operation and Production. Map of to the trail
  • Provide the guide with all the necessary emergency phone numbers:
    • Chi Phat CBET + local ranger 
    • Homestay or bungalow  
    • Motorbike taxi + local tractor supplier in case needed 
    • Nearby local healthcare center  
  • Guide should check that the equipment provided by the community are in good conditions: hammocks, bag pack, blanket, binoculars
  • Guide must do the briefing every day before starting the tour – he/she needs to announce: 
    • Distance and duration of the tour
    • Where will they go, what they will visit, and points of interest 
    • Type of terrain 
  • Share some local insight and information about the locations, sites, and culture before departure 
  • Should give information about the code of conduct, how to behave in a destination by respecting the environment and locals 
  • Trekking guide must be flexible on the spot: adapt the speed and the length of the trails to the needs of the guests 
  • Should have lunch and dinner together with the Active guests 
  • Guide must stop and allow the guests to try some local snacks along the way; important to make guests experience the local life and traditions of the country 
  • Guide must interact with the local ranger and share all the information with the travelers 


Contact supplier: 

  • Chi Phat community  
  • Email: 
  • Phone number: Mrs. Chan Thoun – 092 720 925 (community tour coordinator) 

Internal product announcement

CAMBODIA – Koh Kong – Cardamom mountains discovery
SUB-BRAND : Active – Thematic Leisure – Groups
THEME: Sustainable
SEGMENT: FIT and small GIT


Cardamom Mountains discovery OPTION 3 DAYS 2 NIGHTS

Day 1 – Phnom Penh to Chi Phat  

Depart from Phnom Penh early in the morning (around 07:30) and drive south to reach Andoung Tuek Village, where a local boat awaits you. Board your long-tail boat and start a 1- and 30-minute journey to reach the Chi Phat Ecotourism Community in the southern part of the Cardamom Mountains.  

On arrival at the village, first visit the community center, where you will be welcomed by the community leader and enjoy an introduction to the project. Afterward, have lunch at the center and check into your accommodation.  

During the afternoon, stretch your legs and walk around the village to learn about the community. Visit the nearby Chhay Chrei rapids.

Dinner at the center.


Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner  

Accommodation: Home-stay or bungalow  

Distance and duration of the hike: 4 kilometers – 1 hour

Transportation: Van and boat – 5 hours from Phnom Penh to Andoung Tuek Village / 1 hour 30min by boat to Chi Phat  


Day 2 – Chi Phat – Sunrise and Bird-watching Experience  

Today, your adventure begins by waking up before sunrise and embarking on a ride on the river by a long-tail motorized boat. Enjoy a local picnic breakfast on your boat while the sun rises and the jungle slowly wakes up. The boat journey will last approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, with the final leg of the ride on a small, silent rowing boat to experience some bird watching and attempt to spot wildlife along the riverbanks.  

Relax and enjoy the feeling of quietness as immersed in wild nature. If you desire to swim, swim in the river. After, return to the community, where you will have lunch prepared by your hosts.

The afternoon will be free for leisure. Bicycles and kayaks are available, so explore the area further with your guide.

Dinner at the center.


Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner  

Accommodation: home-stay/ Bungalow 

Transportation: Boat


DAY 3 – Chi Phat – Departure 

Wake up in the quiet and charming village of Chi Phat, enjoy breakfast at the community office, and take time to walk around, meeting with locals and learning about their daily life before making the return journey by local boat.


Meals: Breakfast  


Transportation: Local boat – 1h 30min


Découverte des montagnes des Cardamomes (Option 3 jours 2 nuits)

Jour 1 – Phnom Penh à Chi Phat
Vous quitterez Phnom Penh en début de matinée, aux alentours de 7 h 30, et suivrez la route du sud pour rejoindre le village d’Andoung Tuek, où un bateau local vous attendra. Vous embarquerez sur un bateau longue-queue et commencerez une balade d’une heure et demie en direction de la communauté d’écotourisme de Chi Pat, située au sud de la chaîne de montagnes des Cardamomes.
Une fois au village, vous commencerez par visiter le centre de la communauté où le responsable vous accueillera et vous présentera le projet. Ensuite, vous déjeunerez au centre et vous vous installerez dans votre logement.
L’après-midi, vous pourrez vous dégourdir les jambes en vous promenant dans le village et en découvrant un peu plus la communauté, vous pourrez aussi vous rendre aux rapides de Chhay Chrei situées à proximité.
Dîner au centre.

Repas inclus : Petit-déjeuner, déjeuner, dîner
Hébergement : chez l’habitant ou dans un bungalow
Distance et durée de la randonnée : 4 kilomètres – 1 heure
Transport: Van et bateau – 5 heures de Phnom Penh au village d’Andoung Tuek / 1h 30min de bateau jusqu’à Chi Pat


Jour 2 – Chi Phat – Lever de soleil et observation des oiseaux.
Aujourd’hui, votre aventure commence par un réveil avant le lever du soleil et une promenade sur le fleuve en bateau longue-queue motorisé. Profitez d’un petit déjeuner local sous forme de pique-nique sur votre bateau tout en admirant le lever du soleil et l’éveil de la jungle. La balade en bateau durera environ une heure et demie. Sur le dernier tronçon, vous embarquerez sur un petit bateau à rames pour profiter silencieusement du décor et tenter d’observer les oiseaux et les animaux sauvages sur les rives.
Détendez-vous et profitez de la sensation de calme que vous procure l’immersion dans la nature sauvage. Si vous en ressentez le désir, nagez dans la rivière. Puis retour dans la communauté où un déjeuner préparé par vos hôtes vous sera servi.
L’après-midi sera libre. Des vélos et des kayaks sont à votre disposition pour explorer davantage la région avec votre guide.
Dîner au centre.

Repas inclus : Petit-déjeuner, déjeuner, dîner
Hébergement : chez l’habitant ou dans un bungalow
Transport : Bateau


Jour 3 – Chi Pat – Départ
Vous vous réveillerez dans le silencieux et charmant village de Chi Pat et prendrez le petit-déjeuner au bureau de la communauté. Vous pourrez ensuite prendre le temps de vous balader, de rencontrer des locaux et d’en apprendre plus sur leur vie quotidienne avant votre retour en bateau local.


Repas inclus : Petit-déjeuner
Hébergement :
Transport: bateau local – 1h 30min


Descubrimiento de las montañas de cardamomo (Opción 3 días 2 noches)

Día 1 – De Phnom Penh a Chi Phat

Salga de Phnom Penh a primera hora de la mañana (alrededor de las 07:30) y conduzca hacia el sur para llegar al pueblo de Andoung Tuek, donde le espera un barco local. Suba a su barco de cola larga y comience un viaje de 1 hora y 30 minutos para llegar a la comunidad de ecoturismo de Chi Phat, situada en la parte sur de las montañas de Cardamomo.  

Al llegar a la aldea, visite primero el centro comunitario, donde será recibido por el líder de la comunidad y disfrutará de una introducción al proyecto. Después, almuerce en el centro y regístrese en su alojamiento.  

Por la tarde, estire las piernas y camine por la aldea para conocer la comunidad y visitar los cercanos rápidos de Chhay Chrei.

Cena en el centro.


Comidas: Desayuno, almuerzo y cena.  

Alojamiento: Alojamiento en casa o bungalow  

Distancia y duración de la caminata 4 kilómetros – 1 hora   

Transporte: Furgoneta y barco – 5 horas Phnom Penh a Andoung Tuek Village / 1h 30min en barco a Chi Phat


Día 2 – Chi Phat – Amanecer y experiencia de observación de aves  

Hoy su aventura comienza despertándose antes del amanecer y embarcándose en un paseo por el río en un barco motorizado de cola larga. Disfrute de un desayuno picnic local en su barco mientras el sol sale y la selva se despierta lentamente. El viaje en barco durará aproximadamente 1 hora y 30 minutos, con el tramo final del paseo en un pequeño y silencioso bote de remos para experimentar un poco de observación de aves e intentar divisar la vida silvestre a lo largo de las orillas del río.  

Relájese y disfrute de la sensación y la tranquilidad mientras se sumerge en la naturaleza salvaje. Si le apetece, báñese en el río. Después, regrese a la comunidad donde almorzará preparado por sus anfitriones.

La tarde será libre en el ocio. Dispondrá de bicicletas y kayaks para explorar la zona con su guía.

Cena en el centro.


Comidas: Desayuno, almuerzo, cena  

Alojamiento: casa-estancia/ bungalow 

Transporte: Barco


Día 3 – Chi Phat – Salida

Despiértese en el tranquilo y encantador pueblo de Chi Phat, disfrute del desayuno en la oficina de la comunidad y tómese su tiempo para pasear, conocer a los lugareños y aprender sobre su vida cotidiana antes de hacer el viaje de regreso en barco local.


Comidas: Desayuno  


Transporte: Barco local – 1h 30min


Scoperta delle montagne del cardamomo (opzione 3 giorni 2 notti)

1° giorno – Da Phnom Penh a Chi Phat

Partite da Phnom Penh la mattina presto (alle 07:30 circa) e guidate verso sud per raggiungere il villaggio di Andoung Tuek, dove vi attende una barca locale. Salite a bordo della barca a coda lunga e iniziate un viaggio di 1 ora e 30 minuti per raggiungere la comunità ecoturistica di Chi Phat, situata nella parte meridionale delle Montagne del Cardamomo.  

All’arrivo al villaggio, visitate innanzitutto il centro della comunità, dove sarete accolti dal leader della comunità e godrete di un’introduzione al progetto. In seguito, pranzerete presso il centro e farete il check-in nel vostro alloggio.  

Nel pomeriggio, sgranchitevi le gambe e passeggiate per il villaggio per conoscere la comunità e visitare le vicine rapide di Chhay Chrei.

Cena al centro.


Pasti: Colazione, pranzo, cena  

Sistemazione: Alloggio in casa o in bungalow  

Distanza e durata dell’escursione: 4 chilometri – 1 ora   

Trasporto: Van e barca – 5 ore da Phnom Penh al villaggio di Andoung Tuek / 1h 30min in barca per Chi Phat


2° giorno – Chi Phat – Alba e bird-watching  

Oggi la vostra avventura inizia svegliandovi prima dell’alba e imbarcandovi sul fiume con una barca a motore a coda lunga. Gustate una colazione locale a picnic sulla vostra barca mentre il sole sorge e la giungla si risveglia lentamente. Il viaggio in barca durerà circa 1 ora e 30 minuti, con la parte finale del viaggio su una piccola e silenziosa barca a remi per sperimentare il birdwatching e cercare di individuare la fauna selvatica lungo le rive del fiume.  

Rilassatevi e godetevi la sensazione di tranquillità immersi nella natura selvaggia. Se ne avete voglia, nuotate nel fiume. Al termine, tornate alla comunità dove pranzerete con il pranzo preparato dai padroni di casa.

Il pomeriggio sarà libero. Sono disponibili biciclette e kayak per esplorare ulteriormente la zona con la guida.

Cena presso il centro.


Pasti: Colazione, pranzo, cena  

Sistemazione: casa/ bungalow 

Trasporti: Barca


3° giorno – Chi Phat – Partenza

Svegliatevi nel tranquillo e affascinante villaggio di Chi Phat, gustate la colazione presso l’ufficio della comunità e prendetevi del tempo per passeggiare, incontrare la gente del posto e conoscere la loro vita quotidiana prima di intraprendere il viaggio di ritorno in barca locale.


Pasti: Prima colazione  


Trasporto: Barca locale – 1h 30min


Entdeckung der Kardamomberge (Option 3 Tage 2 Nächte)

Tag 1 – Phnom Penh nach Chi Phat

Sie verlassen Phnom Penh frühmorgens (gegen 07:30 Uhr) und fahren in Richtung Süden zum Dorf Andoung Tuek, wo ein lokales Boot auf Sie wartet. Steigen Sie in Ihr Longtail-Boot und beginnen Sie eine 1 Stunde und 30 Minuten dauernde Fahrt zur Ökotourismus-Gemeinde Chi Phat, die im südlichen Teil der Kardamom-Berge liegt.  

Nach Ihrer Ankunft im Dorf besuchen Sie zunächst das Gemeindezentrum, wo Sie vom Gemeindeleiter begrüßt werden und eine Einführung in das Projekt erhalten. Danach essen Sie im Zentrum zu Mittag und checken in Ihre Unterkunft ein.  

Am Nachmittag können Sie sich die Beine vertreten und einen Spaziergang durch das Dorf machen, um mehr über die Gemeinde zu erfahren und die nahe gelegenen Stromschnellen von Chhay Chrei zu besuchen.

Abendessen im Zentrum.


Mahlzeiten: Frühstück, Mittagessen, Abendessen  

Unterbringung: Privatunterkunft oder Bungalow  

Entfernung und Dauer der Wanderung: 4 Kilometer – 1 Stunde   

Transport: Van und Boot – 5 Stunden von Phnom Penh nach Andoung Tuek Village / 1h 30min mit dem Boot nach Chi Phat


Tag 2 – Chi Phat – Sonnenaufgang und Vogelbeobachtung  

Heute beginnt Ihr Abenteuer mit dem Aufwachen vor Sonnenaufgang und einer Fahrt auf dem Fluss mit einem motorisierten Langschwanzboot. Genießen Sie ein lokales Picknick-Frühstück auf Ihrem Boot, während die Sonne aufgeht und der Dschungel langsam erwacht. Die Bootsfahrt dauert ca. 1 Stunde und 30 Minuten, wobei die letzte Etappe auf einem kleinen, leisen Ruderboot zurückgelegt wird, um Vögel zu beobachten und zu versuchen, wilde Tiere am Flussufer zu entdecken.  

Entspannen Sie sich und genießen Sie das Gefühl und die Stille inmitten der wilden Natur. Wenn Sie Lust haben, können Sie im Fluss schwimmen. Danach kehren Sie in die Gemeinde zurück, wo Sie ein von Ihren Gastgebern zubereitetes Mittagessen einnehmen werden.

Der Nachmittag steht zur freien Verfügung. Fahrräder und Kajaks stehen zur Verfügung, um die Gegend mit Ihrem Führer weiter zu erkunden.

Abendessen im Zentrum.


Mahlzeiten: Frühstück, Mittagessen, Abendessen  

Unterkunft: Gastfamilie/ Bungalow 

Transport: Boot


Tag 3 – Chi Phat – Abreise

Wachen Sie in dem ruhigen und charmanten Dorf Chi Phat auf, genießen Sie das Frühstück im Gemeindebüro und nehmen Sie sich Zeit für einen Spaziergang, um die Einheimischen zu treffen und etwas über ihr tägliches Leben zu erfahren, bevor Sie die Rückreise mit dem lokalen Boot antreten.


Mahlzeiten: Frühstück  


Transport: Lokales Boot – 1h 30min