Coffee in Good Company: Experience Akha Coffee Culture Like Never Before

The Akha are an ethnic group of Sino-Tibetan descent who live in the remote mountains of northern Thailand, as well as in Laos and Myanmar. Much of the older generation living in the villages Easia Travel works with made their way from Myanmar to Thailand on foot, a journey that took them over a month to complete.

The Akha have a rich culture and a deep connection to the land they live on, which is evident in their high-quality coffee and unique flavor profile. During our 2-day immersive travel experience, travelers can visit Akha villages, learn about their coffee production methods, and sample their delicious coffee. They will also learn about Akha culture and history and experience their warm hospitality.

About the Akha and coffee production

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It is important to note that these communities do not traditionally practice coffee production. The Akha were originally semi-nomadic people who lived off the land, but they had to become more settled when state borders solidified. Being stateless, they lived in very remote villages on the fringes of society, resorting to slash-and-burn farming to survive, with opium becoming their main cash crop.

Coffee was only introduced relatively recently thanks to the initiatives of the Thai Royal family, who set up projects to eradicate the cultivation of opium and replace it with more valuable crops. Coffee was the answer and has since become an enormous success story. Today, some Asians originate from the mountains of Thailand, with Chiang Mai becoming the capital for coffee and coffee lovers.

A 2-day immersive experience

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Day 1

  • Morning: Arrive in Phrao and enjoy a delicious local meal.
  • Afternoon: Visit a small local coffee roastery and learn the secrets of coffee production, from bean to cup, and how to roast a micro-batch of coffee before enjoying the final, delicious result. It is also an opportunity to learn about how Akha communities transitioned from learning how to cultivate coffee to producing top-quality beans.
  • Later in the afternoon, Take a local truck up the mountain to reach a remote Akha village. Your Akha hosts will welcome guests with open arms and introduce them to their unique culture, history, and daily customs. If the weather is favorable, a trip to the nearby mountaintop is recommended at dusk for unforgettable views. In the evening, guests can enjoy a traditional Akha dinner and spend the night in a simple, clean house in the village.

Day 2

  • Morning: After breakfast, sip on a delicious cup of locally grown coffee and start exploring the village to learn more about their way of life and, of course, taste more delicious coffee.
  • Late morning: hike several trails that run through the jungle or agricultural land before moving on to your next destination.


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Benefits of this Travel Experience

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This travel experience offers numerous benefits to travelers, including:

  • Immersion in Akha Coffee Culture and Community: Designed to provide an authentic and immersive experience of Akha coffee culture and community, this travel experience enables travelers to visit Akha villages, learn about both traditional and modern coffee production methods, sample delicious coffee, and learn about their culture and history.
  • Support for Sustainable Tourism: By working directly with local Akha communities, this travel experience supports sustainable tourism, ensuring that travelers benefit those most in need. Moreover, it helps promote Akha coffee worldwide while bringing valuable tourism experience to the community.
  • Deeper Understanding of Ethnic Groups and Their Culture: Travelers gain a deeper understanding of a unique and fascinating component of Thailand’s Thailand’s abric, learning about the Akha people, their way of life, and coffee production methods.

Who Should Book This Travel Experience?

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This travel experience is ideal for travelers who are interested in:

  • Coffee Lovers: Those passionate about coffee will relish learning about Akha coffee and its production methods.
  • Cultural Enthusiasts: Those interested in learning about different cultures will appreciate this immersive experience.
  • Nature Lovers: The gorgeous landscapes surrounding the village will appeal to those who love nature.


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Tips for Travelers

Here are a few tips for travelers who are considering booking this travel experience:

  • Prepare for a Simple Lifestyle: Akha villages are remote with limited amenities, so travelers should be ready for a simple lifestyle and basic accommodations.
  • Respect Akha Culture: The Akha have a rich culture filled with traditions and customs. Travelers should be mindful of local customs and follow their guide’s advice. Open-Minded and Adventurous: This is a unique opportunity to learn about a different culture and way of life. Travelers should be open-minded, adventurous, and ready to embrace new experiences.

This 2-day travel experience is a unique and unforgettable opportunity to immerse yourself in Akha coffee culture and community. Travelers will be able to learn about Akha coffee production methods, sample their delicious coffee, and learn about their culture and history. They will also support sustainable tourism by working directly with local Akha communities.


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