Myanmar – Why Mergui Archipelago is on Easia Travel’s radar

Someone has dubbed Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago the “last paradise on Earth”, and it’s for a very good reason. Barring the stunning natural beauty, the Myanmar people bring an element of warmth to everything they do, making Wa Ale Resort a rather ideal retreat for travelers looking for an activity-packed, eco-friendly home away from home.

After a 2-hour flight from Yangon, expect nothing less than a warm welcome right at Kawthaung Airport by the Wa Ale team, who escort guests to the Wa Ale Welcome Center: a charming house of reclaimed wood – just a taste of the beauty to come. Guests then embark on a relaxing, 3-hour cruise to one of the hundreds of Mergui’s islands. Free-flowing drinks, homemade delicacies like savory cheese sandwiches and delicious cookies, and ample sunbathing space make the trip fly by!

Upon approach, a dinghy pulls up alongside the ship, ferrying guests to the verdant island. The Wa Ale family, like Alyssa, host extraordinaire, is then at the ready to usher guests into Wa Ale Island Resort, right from the pier – they really know how to make guests feel like a part of the family from the start! The resort itself, nestled in the jungle and barely visible from the coast, is centered around the main pavilion, consisting of a dining room, living room, bar corner, demo kitchen, and outdoor, seaside seating area.

Guests can spend the night in one of the three charming tree houses, which are just a 2-minute walk from the main pavilion. Staying in one of the 12 tented beach villas, on the other hand, gives guests an unobstructed sea view in what feels like one’s own, private bay, adjacent to the main beach.

The finest attention has been given to their sustainable amenities as well: plastic-use has been reduced to zero, coral-safe sunscreen is available in each bathroom, and they even provide a refillable water bottle at the airport. These “little things” really do matter, and shows they take incredible care to preserve the beautiful haven.

Between homemade, organic feasts prepared by expert chef Ray and his team, guests can plan their days as they please, choosing from snorkeling in the pristine waters and kayaking around the island, to trekking into the jungle and paddling out to higher, more exciting seas! The sheer number of their activities can be overwhelming, but not to worry: a team of experts stands by to help all guests discover the treasures of the Mergui, crafting a bespoke set of activities for any taste. On top of all this, each room sports its own outdoor furniture, set up every morning on the beach for sunbathing.

Ray and Alyssa, along with their teams, perfectly complement each other, making sure every guest is happy, and every detail is perfect. Watching the Wa Ale crew work, you can expect that this team – or rather, this family – has been passionately preparing and will be three steps ahead of their guests, driving home the point that paradise isn’t just about palm trees – it’s about the people, too.

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