Southeast Asia – a Street Food Paradise (Part 5: Laos)

Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar each have incredible gastronomy offerings (read about them here), and Laos, the final destination in our street food guide, is no exception. As a country still untouched by mass tourism, with one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the Southeast Asia region, Laos offers truly unique culinary experiences in an off-the-beaten-track setting.

“Laos is a destination for adventurous food lovers – the cuisine is similar to Thai food but with some notable differences, or as the famous saying goes, “same same but different”. Less spicy than its Thai counterpart, Lao cuisine provides travelers’ taste buds with a delightful range of new experiences. From fish slowly steamed in a banana leaf, Mok Pa, and the exotic herbs in the traditional Laap, to the famous Luang Prabang Riverweed Khai Phaen, there is something in Laos for everyone!” – Matthew Clancy, our Production Manager in Laos

There’s a historical mysticism about everything in Laos. Even a visit to a street food market isn’t your average bombardment of sounds and smells, but rather a laid-back affair that reveals a town’s old charm and traditions. Here we especially recommend the ancient town of Luang Prabang, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. Our activity, Luang Prabang – A street food dinner at night market, not only introduces local delicacies to your travelers, but also beautiful handmade crafts and the unhurried and friendly nature of Lao people. Guests can also enjoy a more immersive experience, feasting on a lunch prepared by the inhabitants of a Lao weaving village, set up on a sala – a traditional Lao bamboo platform with a roof – overlooking the water, in our activity, Luang Prabang – Local Lunch by the River at Muang Keo Village.

Luang Prabang has something old and something new, boasting “a wide range of both local restaurants and high-end establishments providing traditional Lao food, often in stunning settings – a perfect addition to any food-lover’s itinerary”, as Matthew Clancy has discovered.

In a more private setting, travelers can jump aboard a riverboat and enjoy a lunch and visit to an ancient temple on an isolated island in the Mekong river, in our activity, Luang Prabang – Lunch at Wat Done Khoune Temple. Alternatively, guests can start their day in a truly special way with a perfectly set breakfast in the lush jungle along the Kuang Sy River with our activity, Luang Prabang – Breakfast at Kuang Sy.

Our street food series may come to a close, but we’re continuously working on designing new and exciting culinary experiences (and more) for your travelers. So stay tuned for future developments and contact our Sales Team for more information on our current offerings.


As well as our captivating culinary tours, our agents can also source information for their travelers from our handy Restaurant Guides, which are available from our new Agent Hub via the following links (log-in required): Easia Travel – Restaurant Guide – Laos (EN) or view all of Southeast Asia at Easia Travel – Restaurant Guide – Regional (EN).

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