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For a few years now Myanmar has been home to only one UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Pyu Ancient Cities of Halin, Beikthano and Sri Ksetra. The cities were inscribed in 2014 and have received considerable attention since. They are remnants of the Pyu Kingdoms that prospered for over a 1,000 years between 200 B.C and 900 A.D. The excavated remains of this historically rich site have revealed palace citadels, burial grounds and early industrial production sites, as well as impressive brick Buddhist stupas, partially standing walls and water management features. These relics prove just how sophisticated the Pyu civilization was.

Sri Ksetra, one of the ancient Pyu capitals of Myanmar

But the site is now no longer the sole holder of the heritage title in Myanmar. During this year’s World Heritage Committee Session a new site was inscribed in the mystical country: the impressive ancient capital of Bagan. Bagan was nominated nearly 25 years ago, so we’re delighted that it has finally received its recognition. The plains of the site are truly astonishing, with thousands of scattered ancient temples and stupas reflecting the religious devotion of the early Buddhist Pagan Kingdom. For travelers interested in visiting a place steeped in rich history with fascinating architecture, Bagan makes for a perfect highlight in Myanmar.

Bagan makes for a perfect highlight in Myanmar

We’ve got a variety of options for your travelers in Bagan. Classic pictures of the temple site show dozens of hot air balloons floating in the sky. Your travelers too can enjoy this special experience with Myanmar – Bagan – Balloon flight over Bagan. And for those wanting to explore as many of the incredible sites of Bagan as possible, including the most remote temples, MYANMAR – Bagan – Half-day discovery with electric scooter, will be an easy and fun self-driven tour in which your travelers can discover more than the usual.

Balloon flight over Bagan

If you have travelers who are especially interested in archaeology, a small conference held in a small temple and led by an archaeology professor in our activity, MYANMAR – Bagan – Archeology Talk on Bagan, will enlighten and offer something unique.

If you would like to provide your travelers with something more intimate and culturally immersive, we recommend Myanmar – Bagan – Oil Lamp Ceremony at Lawkananda, Myanmar – Bagan – Lunch at a monastery garden and Myanmar – Bagan – Food donation to the monk. With these special activities, guests will gain insight into Buddhist traditions and the ways of life of Buddhist monks, all set in quiet monasteries or pagodas, away from more crowded sites.

Food donation to the monk

Myanmar is a wonderfully mystical country with incredible cultural heritage. Unsurprisingly, Bagan is one of the country’s most popular destinations, and we highly recommend booking a unique discovery of this vast site for your travelers.

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