Easia Self-Guided Tours: Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to start adding self-guided tours to your product portfolio? Great! In this article, we’ll answer some of the most common questions your prospective customers might pose when considering their purchase, as well as any further remaining queries you might have as a salesperson.

1. Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers

A few questions you might expect to receive from your travelers when they consider an SGT:


Do I need a local sim card to use the app?

Once you have the app and your personalized itinerary downloaded, the app works completely offline and there’s no more need for further internet access to use the app. However, to contact the Easia SGT support person, a local sim card with an internet plan would be required. These local sim cards are usually low-cost and easy to procure (i.e. at airports on arrival), and could also be arranged by Easia in advance (supplementary fee may apply).


Does my tour include a GPS route with cultural points of interest?

Yes. Excursions are built around a GPS route that travelers follow, and along the way cultural and historical points of interest are well indicated.

Moreover, travelers will find a list of suggestions on vetted and charming local restaurants, shops, bars, and more to try while at the destination for each day on their tour.


Is my luggage transferred?

This depends on you and the SGT tour that you are considering. Multi-day cycling itineraries usually come with luggage support as standard. For SGT itineraries that don’t include this, luggage transfers can easily be arranged at an additional cost.


Can I add more activities or services (e.g. private dinners, massage, etc.) to my chosen itinerary?

Absolutely. The sky is the limit and our in-destination network of vetted hospitality professionals enables us to meet almost any requests – as long as they adhere to our Travelife and Childsafe policies.


Can I get an e-bike for my multi-day cycling SGT?

Yes (depending on the destination and availability).


Can I up/downgrade the proposed services (e.g. accommodation, technical equipment, transportation, etc.)?

Yes. We can match any traveler’s personal requirements (within reason and subject to availability).


Do you provide a phone holder & bike bag during a cycling SGT?

Yes (depending on the destination and availability).


Is it possible to still book a guide while I am experiencing an SGT (e.g. during a free day I’d like to book a guide for a different tour)?

Yes (depending on the destination and availability).


Is the SGT assistant available 24/7?

The SGT assistant is available during office hours only (from 08:00 to 18:00 local time in the destination). However, Easia has an emergency support team on standby 24/7 to assist you when needed for any urgent matter.


If you receive questions that are not answered above, feel free to reach out to your Easia contact by phone or forward us the question at [email protected] and we will get back to you at the soonest opportunity.

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2. Frequently Asked Questions by Agents (TO/TA)

With self-guided touring being a reasonably new segment, as a travel professional you may also have questions about ESGT. In anticipation of this, we’d like to share some of the most common questions received from other agents:


By offering SGT, am I not positioning against the traditional guided programs I sell?

We firmly believe SGT is not here to ‘replace’ guided tours. We are DMC, and will always continue to develop exceptional guided tour options as we understand the experience of traveling with an expert guide is incomparable when the traveler has the means to afford it.

However, we do see the potential for SGT to complement rather than compete with traditional tour options, particularly in the lower budget markets, or those who reject the group tour options. Indeed, SGT excursions can be easily and affordably infused into guided itineraries.

We also believe that SGT allows you to approach a new consumer segment that would never consider either FIT or group tours organized by a TA or TO.


How about your tour guides? Don’t they need support post-Covid?

Absolutely, and that’s why we suggest opting for what we call ‘hybrid’ self-guided tours where travelers can enjoy a journey mixed with guided & self-guided days to experience the best of both worlds and also help support the local industry.


In how many languages is the SGT available?

For the moment, ESGT is available in French and English. We are planning to translate into other languages in the future.

For tailor-made programs, we have the option to create (or translate) your SGT into your language. Please reach out to your Easia contact to discuss further details.


Is it possible to offer programs that include a mix of self-guided & guided experiences?

Absolutely, this is the concept of our ‘hybrid’ SGT, offering tours that include guided experiences escorted by professional Easia guides complemented by unique SGT experiences.

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Do my clients need to register on your system with their personal data to access the SGT app?

No. At no point will your clients be asked to share or upload their personal information (such as email address, passport information, or any other sensitive data).

However, to utilize our in-destination telephone & chat support, your client will be required to connect with our assistant using WhatsApp. This can be done through their personal account or they can create a new WhatsApp account with a local sim card. In either case, once the tour is over, their WhatsApp contact will be erased from our database.


Can the digital ESGT itinerary be shared with other people/travelers??

No. Each tour can be accessed and used exclusively using the login and password provided by Easia. Each digital SGT itinerary comes with a download limit (which varies depending on the group size) and has an expiration date. A few days after the tour is finished both the login and password will expire, and travelers will no longer be able to download the tour.


How sustainable is the ESGT?

All Easia experiences and travel products are designed following the Easia Sustainability Policy and adhere to Travelife for Tour Operators & Travel Agents as well as Childsafe guidelines.

For each ESGT, we aim to include visits to small family-run businesses (local shops, restaurants, etc.) so that your travelers’ spending can directly benefit the local economy.

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Do you have more questions about our ESGT, that have not been answered above?

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