THAILAND – Chiang Mai – Hiking and Hill Tribe Immersion in Akha Culture 2d1n

Head out to the remote mountain villages north of Chiang Mai for exciting hikes, amazing views, and an immersion in the culture of the Akha people.


Art & Culture, Sustainable

Country - City

Thailand - Chiang Mai

Level of difficulties


Price level



From October until June - not operated during the rainy season (July - September)

Max number of person(s)


Market segment

Arrival City

Chiang Mai

Departure city

Chiang Mai

Number day and night

2 days - 1 night

Day by day description

Day 1: Chiang Mai – Akha Community 

After driving to the Phrao region by minivan, the adventure starts by driving to a village in a local truck. Small forest trails link different areas of the mountains, offering an excellent opportunity for hikes through the community forests and agricultural areas. Local people are happy to cook up a meal for you along the way, as you learn more about the history and culture of the ethnic peoples in the region. If the weather is favorable, the last, steep ascent to the top of a mountain is rewarded with seemingly-infinite views of the stunningly beautiful surrounding valleys. At night, the villagers will host a dinner, and accommodation is provided in a simple and clean house.

Level: 2
Distance and duration of the trek: 9 kilometers – 5-6 hours including breaks  – Challenging hike – only ascent 
Total Gain elevation:  +1,200 meters 
Transportation: 140 kilometers from Chiang Mai – Doi Mon Lan – 3h 30min + 15 kilometers by truck – 40 minutes from Doi Mon Lan to the villages

Day 2:  Akha Village – Chiang Mai 

After breakfast, sipping on a delicious cup of locally grown coffee, the exploration continues. More villages are waiting to be explored, and the locals are ready to explain their way of life to all comers. A final walk down a small, agricultural trail toward the valley marks the end of this unforgettable excursion before returning to Chiang Mai.
Level: 1
Distance and duration of the trek: 5 kilometers – 2 hours, including breaks
Total Gain elevation: – 500 meters
Transportation:15 kilometers by truck – 45 minutes  +  Doi Mon Lan  – Chiang Mai – 140 kilometers – 3h 30min

Selling points

  • A private excursion, into an amazing undeveloped region still not on the map of mass tourism
  • A sustainable Easia Product  in direct cooperation with the local communities
  • Exciting hikes combined with authentic cultural experiences in local Akha villages
  • A remote area for adventure lovers
  • Simplicity of accommodation but great human experience
  • A challenging hike of 9 kilometers with 1200 meters elevation


There is a choice between a “big” and “small” cultural performance in the evening:

  • Big performance: the whole village will gather in a common area and there will be cultural performances like dances and songs by approximately 10-15 people in traditional dress. Recommended for bookings of more than 5 people. Cost is relatively high (2100THB) for smaller groups, and may be a “too big” event.
  • Small performance: more intimate performance with songs and traditional music. Can be held at one of the local houses only 2-3 people will perform. Cost friendly (500THB) and more suitable for small groups up to 5 pax

During the first day of the module, travelers will have the choice to do the last part of the hike or not as the last part is quite steep. For real “active” people there shouldn’t be a problem, but people who are more into Active leisure may have difficulties with the last steep part. This choice can be made on spot, and the guide and local people can advise on the choice, depending on the fitness of the travelers and the timing of the day.


Selling points

  • Opportunity to visit an authentic and “undeveloped” area of Northern Thailand
  • Our own private active program, not passing by a supplier and benefiting the local communities directly
  • A mix of exciting hikes (9 kilometers uphill, approx. 5-6 hours including breaks, +1200 meters ascent) in nature and visiting villages/local places with a stay in the villages
  • An Easia Signature activity
  • A real “Active” program in Thailand
  • For good hikers in good physical conditions
  • Very simple accommodation in the village
  • No road , the transportation is with local truck with no bench on the back
  • Active guide from Chiang Mai compulsory


  • Our own program, no supplier involved
  • It’s Easia Signature, no competitors offer anything similar in the region
  • Indirectly linked to an NGO whose owner is the brother of ATTA, which is a very important connection on the North-American Market
  • We can set us apart from competition with this product


  • There are a lot of trekkings in other areas offered by competitors/local agencies. It may be difficult to convince clients why this one is different.
  • We can not offer it with 3rd language guides currently
  • Locals don’t have experience with tourism, service level may not be consistent in the beginning
  • Although usually accessible all year, the National Park is sometimes closed to visitors in periods of heavy rain. To assure consistency, we dont operate it during July – September.
  • Visibility can be a problem during the hot season (March – May) due to smoke
  • Only possible with English speaking guide! We currently don’t have other language guides available who can do Active segment.


From To Km By Duration Road condition
Chiang Mai city Phrao town center 100 Km Car 1h 45min  Good
Phrao town center Hiking  starting point (Day 1) 15 Km Local Truck 30 min Partly unpaved, may be closed during rainy season
Hiking  end point (Day 2) Phrao Town center 15 Km Local truck 30 min Partly unpaved, rough during rainy season


ALERT: The activity is seasonal; not possible to operate during the rainy season (July-September)

ALERT: Only possible with an English-speaking guide! We currently don’t have other language guides who can do the Active segment.

ALERT: Clients must carry their backpacks with their belongings needed during the two days. Their main luggage can be left in storage at their hotel or with the transportation supplier.

ALERT: As this activity takes place in a National Park, we are subject to the official guidelines, rules, and limitations. If the program is not possible due to official restrictions or safety issues, we adapt and operate an alternative program. This may include less hiking and focus more on the village experiences, depending on what is possible.

Notes: As all, we pay for all services provided by local people (local guide, food, activities, accommodation, …). We directly support members of the local community.
Besides that, there is a contribution per pax to a fund managed by a committee representing the different villages.

  • Important information : 
    • Understand the client and travelers’ needs and expectations before proposing an itinerary
    • Understand the Hiking level of the travelers – (0. Accessible for everybody, 1. Accessible for everybody who likes walking, 2. For people who practice hiking occasionally, 3. For people in good shape, 4. For experienced people, 5. For professionals)
    • The first day of the hike is not long but only ascent  int, but we cannot  reduce the Hike
    • This Module is recommended for adventurous and advanced hikers with good physical conditions and adaptation
    • The sales must inform the client about the difficulty of the hike in remote areas, and they have requested the TO/TA to verify the insurance of the Travelers
  • Luggage:
    • A backpack 20-35L (with supplies for two days) + rain cover
  • Clothing:
    • Long top
    • Shorts, t-shirts
    • Underwear
    • Swimsuit
    • Polar (for the evening)
    • Flip flops or slippers for the evening
  • Hiking equipment:
    • Good hiking shoes
    • K-way
    • Headlamp
    • Earplugs
    • Laundry bag
    • Toilet kit
    • Towel (microfiber if possible)
    • Flask
    • Cap
    • Sunglasses
    • Camera
  • Individual pharmacy
    • Personal Drugs
    • Anti-diarrhea
    • Medication against motion sickness
    • Anti-mosquito and insect repellent
    • Solar cream
    • Preventative dressings against blisters
    • Aspirin
    • Biafine
  • Client Profile Form + Insurance and Health Information: Sales send the Form “XXXXXXXX” to collect the information about the travelers and send this document to operation teams  (Name & surname, any specific allergy, Insurance details + Remark about hiking levels)
    + reference to their Insurance


  • Local hill tribe guide
  • Transportation by local truck
  • Lunch (day 1), dinner (day 1), breakfast (day 2)
  • Water, snacks, coffee/tea
  • Package of coffee to take home
  • Entrance fees and fees for activities
  • Cultural performance (music and song)
  • Queen’s Project Forest Park entrances and visit
  • Contribution to the local community
  • Fees services


  • Easia Travel national guide
  • Transportation to/from town and accommodation in Phrao and Chiang Mai
  • Lunch on Day 2

Market suggestion











Important notes

Interactive Google Map

Program with approximate timings:

  • 7.00 am: Leave from Chiang Mai. Drive about one h 30 min (101.4 km), meeting point Phrao Market
  • 9.00 am: leave from Phrao by local truck to Pa Ya Sai village, arrive around 10.00 am, and visit the village (weaving/broom making can usually be observed)
  • 10.30 am: start walking up to the waterfall, on the way to A-ye village (2 km, about 1 hour 15 minutes walking, including breaks). Learn about herbs etc., on the way
  • 11.30 am -12.00 pm: arrive at the waterfall, (depending on the season, it is possible to swim at the waterfall)
  • 12.30 pm: outdoor picnic lunch cooked with bamboo etc
  • 13.30 pm: continue walking to A-ye village (3,5 km. about 2 hours 15 minutes walk including breaks)
  • 14.30pm: arrive at A-ye village, and drink herbal juices. continue to go to Huay sai village by local truck
  • 15.00pm: arrive at Huay sai village (have coffee, tea, and fruit, and some local customs will be shown, like music, clothes dyeing, bird traps, …).
  • Continue walking to the top of Doi Mon Lan (2 km. about 2 hours walk)
  • 17.30 am: arrive at the top of Doi Mon Lan, visit Queen’s project, and see the sunset (if weather permits)
  • Transfer by local truck to Abolocha village
  • 20.00 pm: dinner at Abolocha village
  • After dinner, Akha traditional dance,

Day 2

(optional: 5.30 am go to the top of Doi Mon Lan to see the sunrise)

  • 8.00 am: breakfast with fresh coffee
  • 8.45 am: tour in the village with Akha swing,
  • 9.15 am: go to Abone village by local truck, do artisan coffee roasting, an option to play with go-carts
  • 10.00 am: start to walk down from Abone – Huay khon
  • arrive at Huay Khon around 12.00 pm and receive drinking water/snack in Huay Khon.
  • Return to Phrao by local truck, end of the program

Services for Hiking Tour 

  • Water can be taken from the minivan and is available in each village. Snacks and/or fruit will be provided along the way.
  • Food should be verified by the guide (clean plates – cutlery – avoid the use of plastic as much as possible)

Security :

  • Guide trained in First Aid
  • Local guide with knowledge of the route
  • Easia Travel  emergency number, available 24/7
  • Easia Travel Liability Insurance
  • First Aid Kit
  • Verify the backup with the local community for emergencies. A backup vehicle needs to be stood by in each village travelers will arrive, in order to anticipate unforeseen circumstances.
  • Special National guide notes:
  • Guides need to be briefed and updated at the office; this is a new product and being properly informed is super important
  • The guide needs to help the villagers run the program (timing, encouraging to give info, etc.) as the local people don’t have experience with tourism at all
  • Prepare and check the list of travelers to be ready to welcome them.
  • The hiking guide must be flexible on the spot: adapt the speed and the length of the trails to the needs of the clients
  • Detailed timing: Departure early morning from accommodation in order to have enough time to reach the final destination
  • The guide must be strict on the departure time to avoid late arrival at night
  • During the tour and according to the level of the clients, the guide must choose the most suitable place to picnic
  • We should have lunch together with the Active clients.
  • The guide must stop and inform the travelers about the nature, and ethnic minorities surrounding them to make travelers experience the local life and traditions of the country.
  • Before the tour, check the climate conditions to avoid risks (for example, bring raincoats) and be careful during the tour not to put the clients’ lives in danger. At the end of the day, he needs to debrief and inform the group about the next day’s itinerary and give them the time departure schedule.
  • Languages – use polite language and adapt the behavior depending on the client’s character and behavior.
  • Shoes – proper shoes –  no sandals or flip flops
  • Activewear or T-Shirt


Ms. Sutthiporn  Mayoe
125 M.1 A. Phrao, T. Pa Tum, Chiang Mai, 50190
Tel. 090-463-5530  E-mail: [email protected]

Special information

In case of bad road conditions due to rain, the regular program may need to be adjusted. The guide can check with the local contact person in advance so clients can be informed before arriving. To assure clients’ safety, in case that the program needs to be adapted there will be less hiking, and focus will be more on cultural exchange.

Backup Plan for 2D1N program (approximate timings):

Day 1

  • 7.00 am: Leave from Chiang Mai. Drive about 1 h 30 min (101.4 km), meeting point Phrao Market
  • 9.00am: Leave by local truck from Phrao. Go to the way of Ban Khun Chae  20min (23.5 km) continue by local truck Abone village (25min (21km). Car will be parked on the roadside and start walking a short walk (1.5 km) to Abone village
  • 10.00am: arrive at Abone village, coffee roasting and tasting workshop
  • 11.00am: Continue to Forest Park, meet with staff learn about Forest Park.
  • 11.45am: Continue to the top of Doi Mon Lan (last has to be done by walking because of road conditions)
  • 12.15pm: Walk to Queen’s project,
  • 13.00pm-15.00pm: Lunch at the Queen’s project. After lunch meet staff at the Queen’s project learn about the history and tour
  • 15.30pm-17.00pm: drive (or walk depending on road condition) to home stay at Abolocha. Participate in a cultural workshop for approximately 1,5 hour.
  • 18.00pm: make some dinner together, have dinner together.
  • After dinner, Akha traditional dance, Leaf blower,

Day 2

  – 8.00 am: breakfast at homestay (Abolocha)

– 9.00 am: tour Abolocha village and learn about Ahka swing.

– 10.00 am: leave from Abolocha village by a local truck on the way back to Phrao (1 h 50 min)

– 12.00 am: arrive at Phrao and continue to the next destination



Hiking and hill tribe immersion in Akha Culture 

Day 1 Chiang Mai – Akha Community

After breakfast, head towards Phrao, a quiet town located about 100 kilometers north of Chiang Mai. Here, you’ll meet your local guide who will take you to explore the remote Akha villages in the nearby mountains. Get your backpack ready for the overnight and load it in the truck that will take you to the first village, which is inhabited by a mix of different ethnic groups. This is where you will start your trek, taking a small trail along agricultural areas, through community forests, dense, lush jungle, and on to the next village. About halfway there, you will pass a small waterfall and it will be time for a unique lunch experience. Just sit back and enjoy nature while your host cooks up a simple but delicious “jungle meal” in bamboo. After arriving at the village and meeting some curious locals, you will be taken to another Akha community. This last hike takes you to the top of the mountain, where the trail is steep, but the views are more than worth the trek.

Your final destination of the day is a village near the top of the mountain, where you will spend the night in a local house. The villagers will cook up a local meal for you and afterward will showcase some of their traditional songs and dances


Meals included: lunch, dinner
Accommodation: Overnight in a local house
Level: 2
Distance and duration of the trek: 9 kilometers – 5-6 hours including breaks – Challenging hike only ascent
Total Gain elevation:  +1,200 meters
Transportation: 140 kilometers Chiang Mai – Akha Community – 3 to 3h 30min + 15 kilometers by truck – 40 minutes from Doi Mon Lan to the villages

What to bring: 

  • A backpack with everything for the overnight in the village, can stay in the truck
  • A smaller backpack to carry some water and gear during the hikes
  • For the overnight: comfortable clothes, personal medicine, toiletries, a towel, sweater/jacket for the evening, flip flops/slippers for the evening, lamp
  • Hiking gear: comfortable and breathable clothes, hiking shoes, rain jacket/poncho (just in case), flask,
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen

Day 2 – Akha Community  – Chiang Mai
After breakfast, over a cup of locally grown coffee, the exploration continues. More villages are waiting to be explored, and the locals ready to explain their way of life to all comers. A final walk down a small agricultural trail towards the valley marks the end of this unforgettable excursion before you return to Chiang Mai.


Meals included: breakfast
Accommodation: Overnight at the hotel
Level: 1
Distance and duration of the hike: 5 kilometers – 2 hours including breaks
Total Gain elevation : – 500 meters
Transportation :15 kilometers by truck – 45 minutes  +  Akha Community – Chiang Mai – 140 kilometers – 3h 30min


Randonnée et immersion dans la culture Akha dans des tribus de montagne – 2J1N

Jour 1 : Chiang Mai – Communauté Akha

Après le petit-déjeuner, vous vous dirigerez vers Phrao, une ville tranquille située à 100 kilomètres au nord de Chiang Mai. C’est là que vous rencontrerez le guide local qui vous emmènera explorer les villages Akha isolés dans les montagnes aux alentours. Préparez votre sac à dos pour la nuit et chargez-le dans le pick-up local qui vous conduira au premier village habité par plusieurs groupes ethniques. Vous commencerez la randonnée en empruntant un petit sentier qui longera les zones agricoles et traversera les forêts et la jungle dense et luxuriante avant d’arriver au village suivant. A la moitié du trajet environ, vous rencontrerez une petite cascade et il sera temps de prendre un déjeuner unique. Installez-vous confortablement et profitez de la nature pendant que vos guides préparent un simple mais succulent « repas de la jungle ». Vous explorerez ensuite le village et rencontrerez des locaux avant de vous rendre dans une autre communauté Akha. Cette dernière randonnée vous guidera jusqu’au sommet de la montagne où le chemin est très abrupte mais la vue en vaut la peine.

Vous vous dirigerez finalement vers un village proche du sommet de la montagne et passerez la nuit dans une maison locale. Les villageois vous prépareront un repas local avant de vous faire découvrir leurs chants et danses traditionnels.


Repas inclus: déjeuner, dîner
Hébergement: Nuit dans une maison locale
Niveau: 2
Distance et durée de la randonnée : 9 kilomètres – 5 à 6 heures, pauses incluses – Randonnée difficile, uniquement en montée
Dénivelé total: + 1 200 mètres
Moyen de transport : 140 kilomètres Chiang Mai – Communauté Akha – 3h à 3h 30min + 15 kilomètres en pick-up – 40 minutes de Doi Mon Lan aux villages

Que faut-il apporter ?

  • Un sac à dos avec tout ce qu’il faut pour la nuit au village, peut rester dans le pick-up.
  • Un sac à dos plus petit pour transporter de l’eau et du matériel pendant les randonnées.
  • Pour la nuit : des vêtements confortables, des médicaments personnels, des articles de toilette, une serviette, un pull/une veste pour le soir, des tongs/des pantoufles pour le soir, une lampe.
  • Matériel de randonnée : vêtements confortables et respirants, chaussures de randonnée, veste de pluie/poncho (au cas où), gourde
  • un répulsif contre les insectes
  • Crème solaire

Jour 2 – Communauté Akha – Chiang Mai
Vous poursuivrez votre exploration après un petit-déjeuner autour d’une tasse de café local. Vous découvrirez ainsi d’autres villages et des locaux impatients de vous expliquer leur mode de vie. Pour finir cette inoubliable excursion, vous emprunterez un dernier sentier rural vers la vallée avant de regagner Chiant Mai.


Repas inclus: petit-déjeuner
Niveau: 1
Distance et durée de la randonnée : 5 kilomètres – 2 heures, pauses incluses
Dénivelé total : – 500 mètres
Moyen de transport : 15 kilomètres en pick-up – 45 minutes  +  Communauté Akha – Chiang Mai – 140 kilomètres – 3h 30min


Excursión e inmersión en las tribus de las montañas pertenecientes a la cultura Akha – (2 días y 1 noche)

Día 1: Chiang Mai – Comunidad Akha

Después del desayuno, se dirigirá en dirección a Phrao, una tranquila ciudad ubicada a unos 100 kilómetros al norte de Chiang Mai. Aquí conocerá a su guía local, quien le llevará a explorar remotos poblados Akha en las montañas cercanas. Prepare su mochila para pasar la noche y cárguela en la camioneta que le llevará hasta el primer pueblo, que está habitado por una combinación de diferentes grupos étnicos. Aquí es donde comenzará la excursión, caminando por un pequeño sendero entre las zonas agrícolas, a través de bosques comunitarios y densa y frondosa selva, hasta llegar al siguiente pueblo. A mitad de camino, pasará por una pequeña cascada y será el momento de disfrutar de una experiencia única. Siéntese y disfrute de la naturaleza mientras su anfitrión cocina una «cocina de selva» sencilla pero deliciosa. Después de explorar el pueblo y conocer a algunos locales curiosos, le llevarán hasta otra comunidad Akha. Esta última excursión le llevará hasta la cima de la montaña, donde la pendiente del camino es realmente pronunciada pero las vistas merecen la pena por completo.

Su destino final del día es un pueblo al lado de la cima de la montaña, donde pasará la noche en una residencia local. Los habitantes prepararán una comida local para usted y, después, exhibirán algunas de sus canciones y bailes tradicionales.


Comidas incluidas: almuerzo, cena.
Alojamiento: estancia nocturna en residencia local.
Nivel: 2.
Distancia y duración de la excursión: 9 kilómetros – 5-6 horas, incluidas las pausas – Excursión exigente, solamente subida.
Elevación total:  +1200 metros.
Transporte: 140 kilómetros de Chiang Mai a Comunidad Akha – de 3 a 3 horas y 30 minutos + 15 kilómetros en camioneta – 40 minutos de Doi Mon Lan a los pueblos.

¿Qué llevar?

  • Una mochila con todo lo necesario para pasar la noche en el poblado, puede quedarse en el camión
  • Una mochila más pequeña para llevar algo de agua y equipo durante las caminatas
  • Para pasar la noche: ropa cómoda, medicinas personales, artículos de aseo, una toalla, jersey/chaqueta para la noche, chanclas/zapatillas para la noche, lámpara
  • Equipo de senderismo: ropa cómoda y transpirable, calzado de montaña, chubasquero/poncho (por si acaso), cantimplora,
  • Repelente de insectos
  • Protector solar

Día 2 – Comunidad Akha – Chiang Mai
Después del desayuno, continuará la exploración mientras disfruta de una deliciosa taza de café cultivado a nivel local. Le esperan más pueblos que explorar y los locales están deseosos de contarle cómo es su forma de vida a todos los recién llegados. Un paseo final por un pequeño sendero agrícola hacia el valle marcará el final de esta excursión inolvidable antes de que regrese a Chiang Mai.


Comidas incluidas: desayuno
Alojamiento: estancia nocturna en el hotel.
Nivel: 1.
Distancia y duración de la excursión: 5 kilómetros – 2 horas, incluidas las pausas.
Elevación total: – 500 metros.
Transporte: 15 kilómetros en camioneta- 45 minutos + Comunidad Akha – Chiang Mai – 140 kilómetros – 3 horas y 30 minutos.


Escursionismo e immersione nelle tribù della cultura Akha nelle colline – 2D1N-TH-N-CHIANGMAI-A-19-MO-$$$$

1 ° giorno Chiang Mai – Comunità Akha

Dopo la prima colazione, dirigetevi verso Phrao, una tranquilla cittadina situata a circa 100 chilometri a nord di Chiang Mai. Qui incontrerete la vostra guida locale che vi porterà ad esplorare i remoti villaggi Akha nelle montagne vicine. Preparate lo zaino per la notte e caricatelo sul camion che vi porterà nel primo villaggio, che è abitato da un mix di diversi gruppi etnici. È qui che inizierete il vostro trekking, percorrendo un piccolo sentiero lungo le aree agricole, attraverso foreste comunitarie e una fitta e rigogliosa giungla, fino al seguente villaggio. Circa a metà strada, si passa una piccola cascata e sarà il momento di un pranzo unico. Sedetevi e godetevi la natura mentre il vostro ospite cucina un semplice ma delizioso “pasto della giungla” in bambù. Dopo aver esplorato il villaggio e incontrato alcuni curiosi locali, sarete portati in un’altra comunità Akha. Quest’ultima escursione porta alla cima della montagna, dove il sentiero è ripido, ma i panorami valgono il viaggio.

La vostra destinazione finale della giornata è un villaggio vicino alla cima della montagna, dove trascorrerete la notte in una casa locale. Gli abitanti del villaggio cucineranno un pasto locale per voi e in seguito mostreranno alcune delle loro canzoni e danze tradizionali


Pasti inclusi: pranzo, cena

Sistemazione: Pernottamento in una casa locale

Livello 2

Distanza e durata del trekking: 9 chilometri – 5-6 ore comprese le pause – Escursione impegnativa solo salita

Dislivello totale: +1.200 metri

Trasporto: 140 chilometri Chiang Mai – Comunità Akha – da 3 a 3 ore e 30 minuti + 15 chilometri in camion – 40 minuti da Doi Mon Lan ai villaggi

Cosa portare?

  • Uno zaino con tutto il necessario per il pernottamento nel villaggio, che può rimanere nel furgone.
  • Uno zaino più piccolo per portare un po’ d’acqua e l’attrezzatura durante le escursioni.
  • Per il pernottamento: vestiti comodi, medicine personali, articoli da toilette, un asciugamano, maglione/giacca per la sera, infradito/sciarpe per la sera, una lampada.
  • Attrezzatura da escursione: vestiti comodi e traspiranti, scarpe da trekking, giacca/poncho per la pioggia (per ogni evenienza), borraccia,
  • repellente per insetti
  • Protezione solare

2 ° giorno – Comunità Akha – Chiang Mai

Dopo la colazione, assieme a una tazza di caffè coltivato localmente, l’esplorazione continua. Altri villaggi stanno aspettando di essere esplorati, e la gente del posto è pronta a spiegare il loro stile di vita a chiunque arrivi. Un’ultima passeggiata lungo un piccolo sentiero agricolo verso la valle segna la fine di questa indimenticabile escursione prima di tornare a Chiang Mai.


Pasti inclusi: colazione

Sistemazione: Pernottamento in hotel

Livello 1

Distanza e durata dell’escursione: 5 chilometri – 2 ore comprese le pause

Dislivello totale: – 500 metri

Trasporti: 15 chilometri in camion – 45 minuti + Comunità Akha – Chiang Mai – 140 chilometri – 3 ore e 30 minuti


Wanderung und Eintauchen in die Akha-Bergstamm-Kultur – 2T1N-TH-N-CHIANGMAI-A-19-MO-$$$$

Tag 1 Chiang Mai – Akha-Gemeinde

Nach dem Frühstück begeben Sie sich nach Phrao, eine ruhige Stadt, die sich rund 100 Kilometer nördlich von Chiang Mai befindet. Dort werden Sie Ihren lokalen Reiseleiter treffen, welcher Sie mit auf eine Erkundungstour durch die abgelegenen Akha-Dörfer in den nahe gelegenen Bergen nehmen wird. Packen Sie Ihren Rucksack für die Übernachtung und laden Sie ihn auf den Truck, der Sie zum ersten Dorf bringt. Dieses wird von verschiedenen ethnischen Gruppen bewohnt. In diesem Dorf beginnt auch Ihre Wanderung; zunächst nehmen Sie auf dem Weg zum nächsten Dorf einen schmalen Pfad, der entlang landwirtschaftlicher Flächen, durch Gemeindewälder und dichten, grünen Dschungel führt. Etwa auf halber Strecke kommen Sie an einem kleinen Wasserfall vorbei und es wird Zeit für ein einzigartiges Mittagessen. Lehnen Sie sich einfach zurück und genießen Sie die Natur, während Ihr Gastgeber ein simples, aber köstliches “Dschungel-Mahl” aus Bambus zubereitet. Nachdem Sie das Dorf erkundet haben und auf einige neugierige Einheimische getroffen sind, machen Sie sich auf zur nächsten Akha-Gemeinde. Diese letzte Wanderung bringt Sie zur Spitze von der Bergspitze; der Weg dort ist steil, aber der Ausblick ist die Mühe mehr als wert.

Ihr letztes Tagesziel ist ein Dorf in der Nähe der Bergspitze. Dort werden Sie die Nacht in einem lokalen Haus verbringen. Die Dorfbewohner werden Ihnen eine Mahlzeit kochen und Ihnen anschließend einige ihrer traditionellen Lieder und Tänze vorführen.


Mahlzeiten inklusive: Mittagessen, Abendessen
Unterbringung: Übernachtung in einem lokalen Haus
Schwierigkeitsstufe: 2
Strecke und Dauer der Wanderung: 9 Kilometer – 5 bis 6 Stunden inklusive Pausen – anspruchsvolle Wanderung, nur Aufstieg
Gesamt-Höhenunterschied:  +1.200 Meter
Transport: 140 Kilometer Chiang Mai – Akha-Gemeinde – 3 bis 3 Stunden und 30 Minuten + 15 Kilometer mit dem Truck – 40 Minuten von Doi Mon Lan bis zu den Gemeinden


Was sollte man einpacken?

  • Einen Rucksack mit allem, was man für die Übernachtung im Dorf braucht, kann im LKW bleiben
  • Einen kleineren Rucksack für Wasser und Ausrüstung während der Wanderungen
  • Für die Übernachtung: bequeme Kleidung, persönliche Medizin, Toilettenartikel, ein Handtuch, Pullover/Jacke für den Abend, Flip-Flops/Schlappen für den Abend, Lampe
  • Wanderausrüstung: bequeme und atmungsaktive Kleidung, Wanderschuhe, Regenjacke/Poncho (nur für den Fall), Flachmann,
  • Insektenschutzmittel
  • Sonnenschutzmittel

Tag 2 Akha-Gemeinde – Chiang Mai

Nach dem Frühstück, bei einer Tasse lokal angebauten Kaffees, geht die Erkundungstour weiter. Es warten noch mehr Dörfer darauf, von Ihnen entdeckt zu werden, und die Einheimischen freuen sich, ihre Art und Weise zu leben allen Besuchern näherzubringen. Ein letzter Spaziergang auf einem kleinen landwirtschaftlichen Weg ins Tal markiert das Ende eines unvergesslichen Ausflugs, bevor Sie nach Chiang Mai zurückkehren.


Mahlzeiten inklusive: Frühstück
Unterbringung: Übernachtung im Hotel
Schwierigkeitsstufe: 1
Strecke und Dauer der Wanderung: 5 Kilometer – 2 Stunden inklusive Pausen
Gesamt-Höhenunterschied: -500 Meter
Transport: 15 Kilometer mit dem Truck – 45 Minuten + Akha-Gemeinde – Chiang Mai – 140 Kilometer – 3 Stunden und 30 Minuten