Southeast Asia – a Street Food Paradise (Part 3: Cambodia)

No matter where we find ourselves in Cambodia, after a long day of work we often delight in a simple local pleasure that we recommend to every Khmer food lover: strolling through our favorite markets, sitting down with the locals and trying traditional dishes like Saak koh ang (grilled beef with prahok sauce and peanuts), cake delicacies made from rice flour and Nhum kruk (Khmer dumplings with coconut sauce) – Lise Marion, our Product Manager in Cambodia

Nothing permeates across all walks of life quite like food does, and nowhere is this more evident than when walking through the street food markets of Southeast Asia. Here, local chefs showcase the very power and human nature of creating al fresco dishes that transcend the local and delight people from all over the world. In the third installment of our street food guide series (read Part 1: Thailand here and Part 2: Vietnam here), we divulge why it is that Cambodia’s local cuisine offerings should be on your food-loving customers’ itineraries.

Here, much like in its neighboring countries, rice is the staple food. But beyond that travelers will find an eclectic, unique street food scene that offers the most delectable traditional Khmer cuisine. And it’s not only an experience for the taste buds, but also for the soul. As our Product Executive in Cambodia, Sichan Orm, notes “it’s one of the most special ways of enjoying and connecting with a city’s surroundings and its locals, who are always happy to share their favorite dishes with us”.

Popularly known for their sour, tangy flavors, many Cambodian dishes will surprise travelers. If your customers are looking for fresh and unconventional culinary experiences, Cambodia might just be the ideal destination.

We realize that it is precisely this unconventional nature that makes some customers wary of culinary tours around Southeast Asia. As a locally-based DMC, we are well-versed in creating tailor-made gastronomy activities and tours that offer you and your customers peace of mind. We have personally ensured that the local street food spots that your travelers will discover are not only unique but consistently provide high-quality dishes.

Our local team has specially designed culinary experiences in various destinations across Cambodia. Our activity, Phnom Penh – Street Food Discovery with Mr. Nara, offers travelers a thrilling street food tour through the country’s bustling capital city, led by a local chef. Mr. Nara not only knows about the best local spots and secrets, but can give your customers tips on how to make the local dishes themselves.

For more immersive and engaging experiences, we offer travelers the chance to learn how to create their very own Khmer dishes with tours like Battambang – Private cooking class with a local family in Battambang and Siem Reap – Khmer cooking class at organic farm. Guests can also enjoy a relaxing day in the countryside, making their own meals along the way, with our Siem Reap – Participate in the local village life activity.

As well as our captivating culinary tours, our agents can also source information for their travelers from our handy Restaurant Guides, which are available from our new Agent Hub via the following links (log-in required): Easia Travel – Restaurant Guide – Cambodia (EN) or view all of Southeast Asia at Easia Travel – Restaurant Guide – Regional (EN)

If you would like to make a booking or find out more information about what we have on offer, please get in touch with our sales teams here.

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