Family Encounters: Heartfelt Hospitality in Vietnam

From the beginning, Easia Travel’s goal has been to prioritize authentic encounters that amaze even the most demanding guests.

Recently, our two Marketing Managers had the opportunity to visit Vietnam. Their mission was to collaborate with our local team and, more importantly, assess one of our standout product series: Local Family Encounters.

While our teams crafted these products some time ago, they wanted to take the time to get to know each family better and share their stories. To do so, different marketing members were dispatched to different parts of the country to share a meal, connect, and get to know each other.

Who will your guests be meeting?

Our Family Encounters experiences are available in Hanoi, Ninh Binh, and Ho Chi Minh City. Each destination and each family reveals a different facet of local life.

Hanoi – Meet Mr. Van and his Family

In the bustling heart of Hanoi, we ventured into the nooks and crannies to reach Mr. Van’s house. A military veteran from the mid-80s, Mr. Van and his family started this business four years ago. Stepping into his house, we were embraced by a warm welcome and a lively atmosphere. Our attention was stopped at the couple’s prominently displayed in the most revered corner of the house. We learned that the couplet’s term “Duc Luu Quang” indicates a profound wish— Merit from ancestor will be handed down. The younger generation will enjoy happiness and inheritance thanks to the merits of their ancestors who have continuously cultivated virtue. Mr. Van, with a genuine smile, shared that it serves as a constant reminder for his family to be always kind and generous.

Check out our factsheet for an in-depth look at the musical tales and heartfelt moments in the heart of Hanoi with Mr. Van and his family!

 Check Out Our Factsheet for This Family Encounter!

We left modern Hanoi and headed to the tranquil Van Long area in Ninh Binh Province. Here, we met several families: Mr. Khang, Mrs. Xuan, Mrs. The, and Mr. Minh, who welcomed us with genuine and heartfelt hospitality, viewing hosting not as a job but as an enjoyable experience during their senior years.

Ninh Binh – Meet Mr. Khang and Mrs. Xuan

Mr. Khang and Mrs. Xuan are a lovely senior couple who have graciously welcomed visitors for over a decade. Nestled in their cozy house, we discovered a small garden filled with pomelo and longan trees cultivated with care. Beyond the warm welcome, Mr. Khang and Mrs. Xuan showcase their passion for local specialties, expertly crafting rice wine and an array of dried fruits. During our visit, Mrs. Xuan generously shared her expertise in making this homemade delicacy, a delightful treat we all enjoyed.

Ninh Binh – Meet Mrs. The

As we continued our local encounters, we visited Mrs. The’s family, a recent addition to our series. Though she was nervous about the first group arriving in a few days, her progress was evident, leaving us with no doubt that visitors would adore her warm family and charming home as much as we did. After a delightful meal, we went for a leisure cycle through the surrounding area, guided by Mrs. The’s husband, a wandering expert. The more we embraced the tranquility of her family, the more captivated we became by the serene beauty of the Van Long Nature Reserve.

Explore how their stories and charm can seamlessly integrate into your bespoke travel packages, offering clients a distinctive experience in Ninh Binh.

 Check Out Our Factsheet for This Family Encounter!


Mekong Delta – Meet Mr. Muoi Hai

Lastly, we visited our beloved French guide, Mr. Muoi Hai, who now owns a lovely homestay in Go Cong Town, Mekong Delta region. With a wealth of experience and a passion for hospitality, Mr. Muoi Hai ensured our stay was memorable. The cozy rooms exuded warmth, reflecting the genuine spirit of Southern Vietnam. The cycling tour, led by Mr. Muoi Hai, unfolded with market visits, broom-making workshops, and insights into ‘banh Tet’ production. This dynamic exploration showcased the Mekong Delta’s vibrant landscapes and local life.

Our factsheet guides you to integrating the southern granary with Mr. Muoi Hai into your offerings.

 Check Out Our Factsheet for This Family Encounter!


What can your travelers expect?

Our encounters are crafted simply—no elaborate setups, scripted performances, just genuine connections.

Simple Organization, Authentic Encounters

At Mr. Khang and Mrs. Xuan’s house, after spontaneously sharing that we had never experienced fishing before, Mr. Khang convinced us to try it right there in his pond. The team even tasted the catch afterward, thanks to our personal chef for the day, Mrs. Xuan.

Warm Welcomes and Delicious Family Recipes

Mr. Minh’s homemade delicacies in Ninh Binh and the Mekong Delta’s regional specialties prepared by Mr. Muoi Hai are not just dishes; they are stories on a plate, shared with warmth and pride. I don’t think our team will ever forget the delicious “Cha la lot” and homemade rice wine at Mr. Van’s house. One of a kind, these specialties even impressed local team members!

Unforgettable Memories

Each encounter is a canvas for unforgettable memories. Whether it’s the enchanting melodies of Mr. Van’s traditional instruments, the heartfelt laughter shared with the seniors in Ninh Binh, or the cozy ambiance of Mr. Muoi Hai’s homestay, every moment is bound to become a thread in the tapestry of your guests’ journey.

What is so special about these encounters?

Everything stays true

Writing about these experiences will never do justice to the genuine sincerity that drives each of these experiences. Imagine sitting with Mr. Van, listening to his war stories and enjoying the melodies of his homemade instruments. These moments encapsulate our commitment to preserving travel’s raw, unfiltered beauty.

Uplifting communities and their families

Our Encounters offer local families and their communities a new stream of revenue. By working hand in hand, we can help them preserve and share their cultural heritage, allow your guests to live unforgettable moments, and leave behind a positive footprint.


How do you include Family Encounters in your next programs?

These family encounters can seamlessly fit into your existing travel programs. In the North, your guests can visit Mr. Van and his family in Hanoi. Another option in the area is Van Long, where you can meet Mr. Khang and Mrs. Xuan, visit in Mr. Minh and Mrs. The’s cozy home. Finally, for those exploring Ho Chi Minh and the picturesque Mekong Delta, Mr. Muoi Hai will welcome your guests with open arms, eager to share his Southern cuisine at his charming homestay.

Whether your travelers seek experiences in Vietnam’s most vibrant cities or prefer the tranquility of Vietnam’s countryside, remember our Local Family Encounters for truly unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experiences.


 Contact our Sales Team to weave these unique experiences into your next itinerary!


Read our other article about Family Encounters in Vietnam for a behind-the-scenes look at how we create them!

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