Family Encounters: From Concept to Reality

In our first blog article about “Family Encounters,” we shared the heartwarming stories behind the families that make these unique activities so special. However, there is another captivating narrative we believe you’d appreciate hearing.

The creation of these experiences is a story in and of itself, one that involves our team members navigating Hanoi’s labyrinthine streets or journeying from village to village in the tranquil countryside. Unafraid to go the extra mile, they invest time in discovering the right families and establishing meaningful connections before embarking on their collaborative journey.

This process is pivotal in ensuring that both your travelers and the families involved have the most exceptional and heartfelt experiences imaginable.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how we’ve crafted our Family Encounters.

Finding the Right Families

The key to discovering the perfect families for these experiences lies in our deep-rooted connections within local communities. Over the years, our dedicated guides and team members have fostered enduring relationships with these places and, most importantly, their people.

For instance, in Ninh Binh, our guide, Mr. Kien, quickly became familiar in the local communities where we typically take travelers. When the time came to select a family for one of our Local Encounters, he invested days in meeting and talking with villagers until he encountered Mr. and Mrs. The, who would become two of our esteemed hosts in this region.

But how did he know that they were the right match? In his words: “Among all the individuals I encountered in this area, Mr. and Mrs. The truly stood out. Their warm hospitality, captivating stories, charming home, and genuine enthusiasm convinced me that there was immense potential for an extraordinary experience here.”

Creating an Experience Worth Remembering

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Collaboration is at the core of all our signature experiences. Whether we’re partnering with communities, families, or individuals, effective communication is essential to unlocking their full potential. Understanding their expectations, needs, and constraints is equally important to create experiences that truly stand out and benefit everyone involved. This is where our Operations Team comes into play.

With years of experience, our Operations Team takes the lead by providing a comprehensive training program that equips hosts with the skills and knowledge they will need to excel. We provide them with the tools necessary for success and that will ensure your guests have the best possible time. This training covers various topics, including hands-on cooking sessions, customer service lessons, and cross-cultural training – everything they require to feel empowered, autonomous, and, in a sense, entrepreneurs in their own right.

Our commitment goes beyond training; we also offer financial support to enhance and elevate the experiences they provide. This helps bridge the comfort gap between their way of life and the expectations of travelers. Our goal is to work hand in hand, providing the support and resources necessary for their success while creating the authentic travel experiences your guests seek – experiences that not only showcase the best of a community and its people but actively contribute to its betterment.

More than just crafting journeys, Easia Travel is dedicated to fostering and nurturing relationships on every level it operates.

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Keeping the Good Vibes Rolling

Over time, in our commitment to maintaining the quality of these experiences, our Operations team conducts quarterly check-ups. This practice ensures that each family has everything they require and offers an opportunity to address any questions or challenges they may have encountered.

Our focus extends beyond the mere functionality of the experience; we also emphasize the emotional resonance it generates. These routine meetings enable us to continually strengthen our relationships, enhance the experiences, and facilitate the growth of our hosts. Since relationships are at the core of these experiences, we must continuously nurture them.

How to integrate these activities into your next itinerary

These activities perfectly match couples, small groups of friends, and families. Your guests will have the opportunity to enter the everyday homes of Vietnamese families, which means there may be some limitations in terms of space.

Food lovers and curious guests, in particular, will thoroughly enjoy these experiences. Not only will they have the chance to savor homemade local specialties, but they can also watch, participate, and ask any questions.

Each of our Family Encounters can seamlessly integrate into most itineraries. For travelers exploring the capital and seeking an original nighttime activity, dinner at Mr. Van’s house is an excellent way to conclude the day and experience Hanoi’s maze of little streets.

Travelers exploring the North of Vietnam are often drawn to Ninh Binh and its natural beauty, a refreshing contrast to Hanoi’s buzzing energy. Depending on availability, they can visit either Mrs. Xuan’s home or Mrs. The’s house for lunch. This can be an addition to a multi-day exploration of Van Long or a day trip, as these homes are a 2-3 hour drive from Hanoi.

For those in the South of Vietnam, Mr. Muoi Hai’s home in the Mekong Delta offers a fantastic daytime activity easily accessible from Ho Chi Minh City and includes several immersive activities.


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Our Family Encounters represent a journey of collaboration and empowerment. It’s about more than just typical travel adventures; it’s a responsibility to uplift families and communities. Our initiatives have a real impact, economically and culturally, and in turn foster a strong relationship or connection between your travelers and our destinations.

Supporting local communities is not just an idea; it’s what we do.

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