Up Close: A Guide to Art and Craft in Southeast Asia – Vietnam

Vibrant culture and warm people are of the first things that come to mind when we think of Southeast Asia. These cumulate perfectly in the world of performance art, galleries, street art and local craftsmanship. In our new blog series, Up Close: A Guide to Art and Craft in Southeast Asia, we suggest creative, immersive, and enlightening experiences that bring your travelers closer to this local sphere, starting with Vietnam.

Art in Vietnam is varied, but ultimately rooted in tradition. With its intriguing history of trade and politics, it has drawn influence from various neighboring countries, but has continued to foster an ever greater emphasis on Vietnamese culture, and often represents it in intricate, and at times bold, art forms.

The amazing balancing skills of the performers of the A O Show.

The very depth, joy, and dramatic history of tradition in Vietnam are especially brought to life through various performance shows throughout the country. Some reflect an age-old past, while others, like the A O Show at the Ho Chi Minh Opera House, humorously and impressively illustrate the transition of old Vietnam to modern Vietnam.

The captivating artwork of one of Vietnam’s leading contemporary artists. 

And for a more intimate experience, guests can meet with one of Vietnam’s leading contemporary artists to discover his style, story, and art philosophy. This and the following performances are guaranteed to excite, delight, and teach your travelers a little more about Vietnamese culture:

VIETNAM – Hanoi – “My Village” performance

VIETNAM – Hanoi – The Quintessence of Tonkin

VIETNAM – Hanoi – Enjoy a royal performance: the Lion Dance

VIETNAM – Hanoi – Attend a water puppet show

VIETNAM – Hanoi – Discover Thang Long culture via Ca Tru

VIETNAM – Ho Chi Minh City – Attend the Show “the Mist” at Ho Chi Minh City Opera House


Lacquer painting requires an incredibly delicate and detailed technique. 

And when seeing art unfold before your eyes just aren’t enough, hands-on experiences can immerse travelers even more so in the vivacious spirit of Vietnam. A lacquer workshop in a restored traditional home in Hanoi, for example, is a great and relaxing way for travelers to learn about one of Vietnam’s most ancient art forms. Lacquer here is not simply about decorating, but a delicate art that takes precision and time. And down towards the central coastline, guests can discover Hue’s kite-making tradition, and get involved in a fun, laid back flying session! A little further down south in Hoi An, your travelers can sit side-by-side with local craftsmen and women to make their very own silk lantern, a charming (and very common) sight in the little town.


A traveler tries her hand at crafting a kite from scratch.

Have travelers who are art enthusiasts, or simply interested in discovering the delicate art forms and cultural nuances of Vietnam? Discover more of the experiences we’ve designed here and contact our Sales Team here.

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