Travel To Southeast Asia: 4 Trends that will shape 2023

2022 will have been the year of travel recovery, but what about 2023? What trends will shape this new year, and how can you include them in your following itineraries?
Based on the latest research from, we’ve highlighted the key trends that will mark 2023 and the Easia products that match!

With the past few years being somewhat chaotic, between a global pandemic, natural disasters, and international conflicts, travelers now want to have a more back-to-basics feel and escape from reality (55%), switch off and experience a simple life (44%), as well as learn survival skills. However, according to’s study, off-the-grid doesn’t necessarily mean “rough” as travelers want to combine off-the-grid with comfort.


Escape from reality in Laos & Cambodia

The 3D2N Nam Et Night Safari is the perfect fit for those looking for something adventurous. A completely off-the-grid experience deep into the jungles of northern Laos – forget about internet and air-conditioning; you’ll be at one with nature and sleeping among the trees.

Cambodia’s lesser-known regions have a lot to offer to those looking to escape and switch off. Either in the dense Cardamom Mountain, where travelers can experience an authentic “off-the-grid” stay at Canvas and Orchid Lodge – a floating lodge on a tranquil river in unspoiled surroundings. Or, in the northeast part of the kingdom, forests, hills, and ethnic minorities, provide travelers with the perfect environment to disconnect from their daily routine.


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Combine off-the-grid and comfort in Laos & Vietnam

While not everyone wants an “in the wild” off-grid experience, those looking to get away from the crowds and the hustle and bustle of everyday life can find relaxation on a multi-day cruise aboard Anouvong, Heritage Line’s new luxury cruise ship on the Upper Mekong, or embark on a journey to the remote valleys of Northern Vietnam, where you will get the chance to discover its impressive landscapes and live among the locals in a comfortable homestay.

Thinking about organizing an off-the-grid trip to Southeast Asia? Get in touch with our sales team for more information.


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With all the global events and changes, world travelers seem eager to escape their routines to experience and immerse themselves in a new culture. According to’s study, 73% of respondents want to step out of their comfort zone during their trip abroad. Half of the world’s travelers want to experience a complete culture shock in 2023, whether traveling to a place with entirely different cultural experiences and languages or exploring lesser-known cities and going off the beaten path. 47% of travelers want to discover exotic dishes and taste food they’ve never tried!


Laos & Thailand to live like a local

There is no better way to get out of your comfort zone than by spending a day or two living with the locals in one of Laos’ picturesque countryside villages. Lao people are some of the most welcoming people, and you’ll experience this by sharing quality time with them.

Well known for its remote mountains, the north of Thailand is the perfect place to go off-the-grid and do meaningful encounters that will make you disconnect from your reality. During a full day or a multi-day hiking tour for the most adventurous, your travelers will get the chance to immerse themselves into the Akha community. This ethnic minority has a very distinct culture, history, and way of life threatened by modernization. A trip to this area allows guests to experience the culture and hospitality of the Akha first-hand while contributing to sustainably preserving their ethnic heritage.


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Vietnam & Thailand for foodies

We might think we are used to eating Asian food in our western cities; however, surprises await travelers around every corner. There’s no better way to immerse oneself in local culture than to explore local street food, street by street, and discover new smells and flavors that will enchant and challenge your pallet.

From Hanoi to Hue through Hoi An, you will discover fresh, healthy, and world-renowned cuisine in Vietnam.

In Thailand? Discover lesser traveled regions like Isaan, Thailand’s northeastern region. The perfect place to escape mass tourism and enjoy a countryside tour while tasting local specialties.



Fancy something a bit more challenging? Laos & Cambodia are waiting for you!

Go Venture deep into Laos’s longest cave (over 50km long!) or Hiking & Camping in one of Cambodia’s Holy Mountains: Phnom Kulen!

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Are your travelers inquiring about exciting activities for a holiday in Southeast Asia? Get in touch with our sales team for more information.


People are looking for simpler experiences and nostalgic getaways that make them feel like they are traveling back in time.
Whether it’s visiting sites or attractions featured in iconic movies, enjoying activities that engage the imagination, such as scavenger hunts, escape games, etc., or simply enjoying a “family reunion” that brings all generations together, Southeast Asia has it all!


From Vietnam to Laos through Cambodia, activities for all!

Nothing says family fun more than visiting somewhere with lots of friendly animals, and while Laos is famous for its elephants, it’s also well known for its buffaloes. Visit the buffalo dairy farm and get up close with the friendly buffaloes, rabbits, and pigs, before trying the delicious buffalo milk ice cream and cheese.
Looking for more hands-on activities for all-around family fun? Why not try rice farming, pottery making, or even fishing with the locals?



If you are spending time in Cambodia, don’t miss the opportunity to spend an entire day like a Khmer Family! Rice fields, stop alongside beautiful lakes, and visit a bustling fun-fair street; this family day offers playful activities and local discovery, but also a relaxing day spent far away from the familiar, touristy places and a chance to live like a local!

With a rich culture, distinguished handicrafts, and local arts, Vietnam has a lot to offer in terms of fun and recreational activities. Whether you investigate the old quarter of Hanoi during a treasure hunt, meet local craftsmen (traditional toys, paper flowers, etc.), or explore the alleys of Hanoi on an old soviet motorcycle or its surroundings by bicycle, your tribe will leave with a lot of memories!

Looking for more inspiration? Our teams in Thailand and Cambodia have designed complete itineraries for families! In Thailand, from Bangkok’s hustle and bustle to Chiang Mai’s mountains through Kanchanaburi’s lush nature, this diverse itinerary combines some of the main sights that Thailand has to offer while also including plenty of activities that are great for families.
In Cambodia, from Angkor temples to the southern beaches, enjoy an eye-opening trip to discover Cambodia with various activities to make it unique and unforgettable for all family members.



Iconic Places in Southeast Asia

If you are looking for some iconic movie sets, once again, Southeast Asia has it all! In Cambodia, the unmissable Angkorian temples in Cambodia where many movies have been shot (Tomb Rider, for example) or Battambang’s colonial town center were parts of Angelina Jolie’s movie “First they killed my Father” shot.

In Vietnam, go back on the Indochina war’s tracks with the visit to Cu Chi tunnels, a fantastic series of underground constructions manually dug by the Vietnamese during the French and American Wars. A tour of the tunnels and their surroundings gives guests a practical overview and insight into the “underground life” during Vietnam’s more tumultuous history.

Finally, Thailand is packed with iconic places as well. In the South, don’t miss the opportunity to explore mythical beaches such as Maya Bay, where the worldwide-known movie “The Beach” was filmed!

While Bangkok is an iconic city represented in many movies and series (Hangover, Kickboxer, the Serpent, etc. – the list is long…! ), go on a night stroll to embrace Bangkok’s unique atmosphere, follow Jean Claude Van Dam’s steps in Kickboxer by attending a Muay Thai class, or discover some unmissable neighborhoods such as Chinatown, the city’s canal network, and more!


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Are your travelers interested in a retro-themed family holiday in Southeast Asia? Get in touch with our sales team for more information.


Recent events have made everyone aware of the importance of mental health, so it should be no surprise that travelers are increasingly likely to travel for their well-being, with a real need for immersive experiences. 44% of travelers are looking for meditation and mindfulness getaways.

With Buddhism being an integral part of its local culture, it is no surprise that Southeast Asia is one of the world’s top wellness destinations.
From Vietnam to Thailand via Laos and Cambodia, many enriching wellness experiences are available to you.

In Vietnam, relax in the northern mountains and their peaceful terraced rice fields at the Avana Retreat, a magical 5* resort.



Imagined, conceptualized, built, and managed by the co-owners of Easia Travel, Avana Retreat is designed to represent a genuine love for the environment. Located within walking distance of nearby ethnic villages, Avana Retreat is able to absorb and enhance the local heritage while being remote enough to remain quiet and secluded. Offering a variety of services, such as yoga classes, a quality spa, nature walks, and local culture tours, Avana Retreat has everything you need to relax and rejuvenate.

Further south, you will also have the opportunity to participate in yoga or Tai Chi classes in Hoi An. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet with a calligrapher in Hanoi or an aromatherapist and holistic practitioner in Hoi An, who will both share their knowledge and philosophy with you.

In Thailand, you will have the opportunity to meet and chat with a monk at the Temple of the Flower Garden in Chiang Mai or to be blessed by a monk in one of the most sumptuous pagodas in Bangkok.

In Cambodia, take advantage of the mystical and soothing atmosphere of the Angkor temples to relax during a private yoga session, followed by a blessing by the local monks in one of the pagodas located in the Angkor archaeological complex. For a well-rounded experience, extend your stay by heading south to the coast for an idyllic getaway to reconnect body and soul on a secluded island.



Finally, head to Laos and stretch and refresh your body with some early-morning yoga before connecting with Laos’ ancient traditions (as well as with yourself) by joining a guided meditation class that supports ex-monks and novices as they transition to life outside the temple. In the evening, head back to the temple to meditate with the monks at sunset.
Fancy some alone time? Head to a Mekong River Island and chill out for a few days in the beautiful private Don Daeng Private Residence – it’s the perfect place to watch incredible sunsets and relax and recharge your batteries after a long journey of exploration.



Easia Travel offers a wide range of experiences and activities suited to all types of travelers. Our team of experts is here to advise and help you design bespoke itineraries that meet all of your guest’s expectations.



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